Our Production Process:

Consultation – Our process starts with an initial consultation where we work with you to determine the exact needs of your project. We’ll look at your game and be able to make suggestions on different material options as well as potential changes to the specifications that can end up providing significant cost and time savings. Even for experienced publishers, we suggest taking advantage of having us look things over with an eye to possible changes; sometimes an eighth of an inch can save you $10,000!

Quote – Once we have all your detailed specifications set, we’ll be able to put together a custom price quote. We can provide you with pricing for multiple order quantities.

Prepress – You’ll send us your production files and our pre-press staff will work closely with you to ensure that they are properly prepared for printing. Our staff will look through everything in great detail and point out any potential issues with the files.

Proofs – At this stage we provide you with proofs to double check the final output from the files so that you can confirm that everything is exactly as it should be.

Production – Once the proofs have been approved, it’s time to fire up the presses and mass produce the game! We will send you the first production copy for final approval before we assemble and ship your order. The production time will vary with the details of your project but we’ll keep you updated on the progress and the expected completion date.

Delivery – We help you get your games delivered where you need them, no matter if you want to handle it all yourself and arrange pick up from our production facilities or you want us to manage the shipping process to your warehouse or fulfilment center.